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Meet Ashley Flores - author of Mindfulness Through The Stars: A Zodiac Wellness Guide, YouTuber, podcaster, and self-taught astrology guru. Ashley fearlessly tackles a diverse array of topics, ranging from spirituality to beauty, embodying a unique blend of wisdom and lightheartedness. In her own words, she doesn't take herself too seriously, inviting us to join her on a journey of self-discovery and laughter. 
We had the pleasure of spending the day with Ashley as we explored the Trinity-Bellwoods neighbourhood. We got to learn about Ashley’s journey, passions, and of course - her style! Ashley put together an Over the Rainbow Gift Guide - Ashley’s Picks - to help you prepare for the holiday season.

Your journey as an author, content creator, and podcaster is truly inspiring. Can you share with our readers how you initially ventured into these creative realms?

My journey as a content creator started off with my love for videography. As a child, one of my most memorable gifts was a Sony Camcorder in 2006 (I still have it). On this camcorder, I would record short films, music videos, skits, monologues, and silly "vlogs" before vlogs were a thing. Once YouTube as a platform started to gain popularity in 2007, I started sharing my videos. Since then, I've started over 10 YouTube channels as a hobby - all with different niches. One day in 2016, I started my 11th. This one was different. I was working at a job that I hated, and decided it was time to monetize my love for creating videos in hopes that I could quit my job. I sat down on Photoshop, created a YouTube banner, watermark, logo and branding. I named my channel, created a bio, intro and outro and more. Since every other channel had been a silly hobby, I had never done this before. I knew this time would be different. I set a goal of monetizing my channel in a year, and I made it happen in a year and a half. I quit my job after 2 years, dropped out of film school, and landed my book deal around the same time. By 2019, my life had drastically changed. I always credit YouTube as the catalyst for change. It gave me the exposure to grab the attention of my book publisher, Mango Publishing. They reached out to me with an idea in 2019, and I brought it to life with them. My business (Zodiac Haven), my podcast, and my second channel are all projects that were created at a time that I wasn't feeling as connected to my work on YouTube. It gave me the opportunity to venture out and try new things. I will forever be grateful to YouTube, and will likely be creating content for a very long time.


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As a self-taught astrology guru, can you tell us about the pivotal moments or experiences that sparked your interest in this practice?


I would love to have a deep, sentimental story on how I got into astrology, but if I am being completely honest - I don't. In 2009 - I had many crushes. I also had many magazines. My favourite section to skip over to was "Astrology and Horoscopes". I would figure out my crushes' zodiac signs and read our compatibilities and horoscopes. As I got a little older, my friend and I would start Googling more information on zodiac signs and it was then that my obsession began. I took it a step further and started buying books, and doing my own research. Eventually, it became a huge topic of conversation for me. I was known as the girl who would always interrupt someone mid-story and say "wait, what's their sign??". Eventually, I decided to film a video on a whim as I was rushing for work called "What I think about your Zodiac Sign" and it was one of my first viral videos on the Youtube channel 'The Amateur Guru'. Immediately, I knew that I needed to film more of those since it gained so much traction. My love for astrology then deepened, and it became a huge part of my life in a way I would've never imagined.


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What’s your zodiac sign? 


My zodiac sign is Aquarius! I also have a Virgo moon and a Leo rising.


How does your form of self-expression align with your zodiac sign?


Aquarius are known to be eccentric, aloof, chaotic and we march to the beat of our own drum. I like what I like, and I am unapologetic about it! I don't wait for things to be in trend to wear them. I don't often ask my friends what they think of my outfits before I step out (in some cases I definitely do though!) I express my creativity through my content, food, writing, creative hobbies and my clothing choices. I never want to walk in a room and feel like I look or sound like everyone else. Aquarius are known to be very unique. We take pride in being different from the rest, and I resonate deeply with that.

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When you’re not writing, recording an episode of your podcast, or filming content for YouTube, where can we find you and what are you wearing? 


You can definitely find me in my bed watching trashy reality TV - but if I'm NOT doing that, I'm probably out thrifting. Thrifting is one of my favourite hobbies because I get so much out of it! It's almost like a small ritual for me. I always go alone. I don't enjoy thrifting with others because I take my time. I get an iced beverage, put my Beats headphones on, and grab a cart. When I thrift, I make content out of it, I curate a new part of my wardrobe, I decorate my room, and I sometimes even make money if I find a pre-loved piece that I feel like I can sell. It's a win-win for me. I spend hours in a thrift store or two, tune out the world, and enjoy the experience. I usually end the day with a solo-date at a favourite lunch spot of mine (usually vietnamese food). When you catch me out thrifting, I'm usually wearing something that makes it easy to try clothes on over top. For example - a skin tight bodysuit. On an average day out, you can usually catch me in a great pair of jeans (my everyday pair is now my Over The Rainbow jeans). I love a baggy or flared bottom, a form fitting top, some layers over it, a statement jacket and a lot of gold jewelry. Like - an excessive amount. 




What one fashion item can you not live without?


I absolutely can not live without my gold jewelry. It elevates even the most basic of outfits. If I forget to put my rings or hoops on - I feel naked and boring.



What’s a fashion trend you’re loving right now? 


I am loving the late 90's fashion comeback. I've always pulled inspiration from late 90's and early 2000's black television icons. Seeing this trend make a comeback, makes people-watching and gaining inspiration from street-style so much easier for me! Flared low-rise denim, layers, over-accessorizing, pre-loved denim, oversized leather jackets, chunky boots, and eccentric hats are some examples of pieces I'm loving this season.

Outfit: Lyla + Luxe Mabel Sweater, AGOLDE Minka Cargo Jeans



You’ve put together an Over the Rainbow Holiday Gift Guide. Can you speak to a few of the pieces in your gift guide?


I am absolutely in love with every item in my gift guide. Some of my favourites include the Mother Hustler Roller Sneak jeans, Frame Femme Blazer, Kitsch claw clips, and the Agolde Leif Maxi skirt


These clips - have been a game changer in my curly hair routine. My hair is so big, and those cheap beauty supply clips just don't do it for me! If you have thick hair - I 10/10 recommend. 


OTR's denim collection is unmatched. I fell in love with the maxi skirt. It was the perfect shade and fit. 


The Mother jeans...I'm embarrassed to admit how often I wear them. They're too comfy to be that stylish. 


And of course, that blazer. As someone who rarely dresses like the 28-year-old woman that she is, that blazer instantly made me feel like a grown and sexy CEO. An energy I need to embody more often. I'm in love with all the pieces in my gift guide, but those are definitely some of my honourable mentions!



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Photography: Noah Davis

Producer: Brenna Gray

Hair and Makeup: Tenzin Palkyi

Stylist: Axl Dominic Castro