Over the Rainbow continues its expansion into the apothecary market with the launch of Tangent Garment Care (GC). As a premium denim & clothing, we are often asked how to wash and care for the products we sell. Our buyers came across Tangent GC, a brand founded as a natural, effective solution for our customers’ garment care needs. Their products target certain people, like founder David Samuelsson’s grandfather, whose appreciation for quality craftmanship creates a need for proper, meticulous care for the clothes they own.

Tangent GC is premium detergent care for premium clothing. Only natural and ecological ingredients are used to maintain the integrity and functionality of every garment while embracing the smallest environmental footprint possible. The Sportswear detergent (TGC045) with innovative properties that eliminates odours while maintaining the breathable membranes of synthetic athletic-based fabrics. The Delicate detergent (TGC041), on the other hand, is better for wool, silk, mohair, down and cashmere materials. Finally, the Denim detergent (TGC044) cleanses your jeans without eating into the cotton fibres, which causes fading and shrinkage.

Tangent GC detergents are $28 per bottle and can be purchased in-store or online now.