EDITORIAL | The Naked Truth About Nudie Jeans

*Photo credit: The Naturalista

One thing Over the Rainbow and Nudie Jeans is our shared love for long lasting jeans. We want you to grow into your jeans and be that first pair to come out of your closet! As they age and develop character, they become a part of you. The process behind breaking in a pair of jeans becomes fun and unique to each body.

There are many reasons why Nudie Jeans has been in our store for so long. In fact, here are 4 of them:

1. They are 100% organic cotton


Photo credit: Nudie Jeans

In 2006, NudieJeans made a bold, company-altering statement: they began shifting towards to using organic denim for their collection. No synthetic fabrics or wash methods whatsoever. By 2012, their goal became a reality and their entire line was completely organic. It wasn’t easy for the brand, but they continued to maintain the same level of quality and look with better production practices. 

2. They consider “breaking jeans in” a sport


Photo credit: Nudie Jeans

The brand lives for and strongly represents “dry denim”. They value and promote the feeling of breaking in a crisp pair of raw jeans. According to Nudie Jeans, it’s a journey that lasts 6 months and the outcome depends on how & where you travel.

3. Their thoughts on environment and sustainability


Photo Credit: Nudie Jeans

The Nudie Jeans approach encourages people to re-use their denim over and over again. But once they’ve finally seen their day, they can be recycled. According to the company, denim can be recycled in various ways and they are constantly searching for ways to extend the life of cotton-fibre.

4. Their Fit Guide


Photo credit: Nudie Jeans

Denim has come a long way in terms of various styles and fits. Nudie Jeans boasts one of the largest array of fits in the world, from skinny to relaxed and everything in between. Nudie Jeans has a fit for everyone and it’s one of the many reasons why so many customers can wear them, regardless of shape or style.

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