EDITORIAL | A Denim Fit Guide for Men

A lot of guys out there may not be aware about all the different styles and fits; there is actually quite a few to choose from! Premium denim brands have come a long way in developing better fits for all types of body types. This post will explain how the fits work and what type of guys are suitable for each.


This style fits just like it sounds: baggy and relaxed. Of course, if you’re a guy with tree trunks for legs it may not necessarily look sloppy. If a classic straight leg is still too slim for you, then a relaxed fit is what you need. Often guys with athletic legs or bigger thighs go for a relaxed fit. It will fit very wide over the shoe as well; relaxed denim tends to feel and look more casual than most fits.

Rainbow’s Recommendation: Austyn by 7 For All Mankind $255.00


Straight Leg

The straight leg was probably one of the most popular styles for men a few years ago. Things have really started to narrow down recently but we still see many customers in asking for a classic straight leg. The straight could appear to fit slimmer on guys with bigger legs. A straight leg can be made to look casual or dressy depending on wash and how its worn.

Rainbow’s Recommendation: Doheny by Paige $270.00


Athletic Slim

The Athletic Slim is one of the newest fits we have seen in the denim world. With things narrowing down lately, athletic guys are looking for trimmer pants that they can wear. Obviously slimmer jeans are not an option for guys with tree-trunks for legs, and that is where this fit comes in handy. The Athletic Slim has a wider thigh than narrows slightly from the knee to the leg opening. This is a great jean for bigger guys who want that tapered look.

Rainbow’s Recommendation: The Graduate by Adriano Goldshmied $250.00



The Slim-Straight was introduced for guys who wanted something slightly more narrow than the classic Straight. While the jean does narrow slightly throughout the leg, it is not a skinny jean. The leg opening is smaller than the Straight but will still fit over most shoes or boots. It is a slightly more polished look, depending on your legs and build.

Rainbow’s Recommendation: Core by Citizens of Humanity $280.00


Slouchy Slim

The Slouchy Slim is also a relatively new fit but can be worn by several body types. Because it has a wider thigh and tapered bottom it can be worn by both bigger guys and slimmer guys. The slouchy look is generally more casual but it is beginning to be introduced in dressier denim as well. Denham is a great example of a brand we carry that has many types of the Slouchy Slim.

Rainbow’s Recommendation: Razor by Denham $270.00



The Slim Fit is a great in-between fit for guys who want a trimmer look but are not quite comfortable in a skinny. It can also be worn by guys whose legs are slightly too big for skinny jeans. It tends to have less thigh room but still more than a skinny would. It is tapered at the bottom but generally not as tapered as a skinny jean. The Slim can be considered a dressier version of the skinny jean. It’s also great for guys who are leaning towards going skinnier but want to transition themselves into it.

Rainbow’s Recommendation: Federal by Paige $230.00



Obviously the Skinny is the slimmest pant made; some brands even make Super Skinnies nowadays. The pant is true to its name and skinnier guys tend to lean towards this fit. It can be worn casually or dressy depending on what is worn with it. It is a very popular fit with the younger crowd but can definitely be seen on all types of guys. If someone is used to the skinny fit it is unlikely they will want to go much baggier. Again, jeans always stretch so even if they’re snug to begin with they tend to get looser as time goes by.

Rainbow’s Recommendation: Skinny Guy by Naked & Famous $155.00