BEYOND OTR : Ajeya Gonzalez


     Meet creative powerhouse, Ajeya Gonzalez, whose passion for community-building and amplifying talent shines through all her life ventures. As the founder of FOMO and NORTHBOUND, Ajeya has cultivated spaces that celebrate and uplift voices, particularly within the QTBIPOC and Canadian music scenes. Beyond her roles as event coordinator and radio show host, Ajeya's is a singer/songwriter and goes by the name Ajuki


     We had the opportunity to hang with Ajeya for the day at Toronto’s Apt 200 where we learned more about her story, her style, and even her favourite Over the Rainbow fit. 

Outfit: 5 Stripe Zip-up Hoodie, 5 Stripe Pink/Purple Sweatpant, Harla Tank Top


Sometimes our values become our greatest assets. As the Creator of FOMO and NORTHBOUND - celebrating communities proves to be a passion and commitment of yours. Tell us a little bit about your journey to forming both spaces.


     Finding community has always been a goal of mine and what started it all. FOMO was actually intended to be a one-off event that then continued after I realized how much a new space was needed for the QTBIPOC community. I curated the first FOMO event with other queer women and collectives back in January 2019, and 5 years later it’s grown to be something bigger than I’ve ever imaged it to be. 


     Now with my knowledge of event coordinating, mixed with my life long love for music, in 2020 I applied for a mentorship with Girl Connected and was then selected as a mentee. In our final project during the program, I worked with a Toronto based artist named Kenya Jade and helped with her virtual digital release that was live streamed on Instagram since this was during the pandemic. After interviewing her I was approached to make a radio show platform. I always felt there is so much underrated talent coming from Toronto and Canada as a whole and decided I wanted to highlight those in the community around me on the rise, hence the name NORTHBOUND. I began curating weekly playlists, which then turned into interviewing local artists, and then organizing and curating live performance showcases as NORTHBOUND Live. Right now NORTHBOUND lives as an Instagram page that continues to highlight Canadian emerging artists, but I plan to revamp and start things up again soon. 




Outfit: 5 Stripe Zip-up Hoodie, 5 Stripe Pink/Purple Sweatpant, Harla Tank Top



As a singer/songwriter, many of your lyrics feel rooted in love. Given that it’s February and all, we’d like to learn a little more about what ‘love’ means to you!


I think love means everything. Love means patience and understanding, and it’s really rooted in everything if you look hard enough. I feel like I’m always searching for love and that’s why I like bringing people together and why relationships mean so much to me. 


I feel like I do things for people a lot and never myself most times, and music is where I set the boundary for self love because it’s always been for myself. It’s hard for me to express myself sometimes and making music let’s me do just that. It’s like a release, and I’m always grateful and surprised by those who listen and can relate. 

Outfit: Priya Vest, Hustler Ankle Fray - Healing Jar



Being both a creator and a creative, do you notice a shift in your self-expression depending on the role you're playing at the moment?


Yes, most definitely! As FOMO, I like to keep things anonymous because although I was initially searching for community, it’s now a community in itself and is about everyone. As Northbound’s host, it’s about the talent around me that I believe in. As the singer/songwriter Ajuki, I’m finally okay with the spotlight being on me, or at least trying to be. Doing both can be hard to manage at times but I like to believe we are all meant to be multifaceted people, who are allowed to wear different hats. 




Outfit: Bodyhug Tank top, Brylie Twill Pant, Kerri Rosenthal Liv Cardigan



When you’re not writing/recording music or producing an event, where can we find you and what are you wearing?


I’m at the gym and I’m usually in sweats! My day to day wardrobe is very laid back and sporty considering I’m working out 4-5 times a week. I also love sneakers and believe you can’t have too many pairs. 



Outfit:  Cora Feather Weight Jacket, Le Crop Palazzo - Noir, Frame Black Crew Neck Muscle Tee, Fifer Brass Black Belt


Who or what do you look up to for style inspiration?


A lot of my style is inspired by the past as I’m always looking through thrift stores. I think my tomboy style is also subconsciously inspired by my dad. For as long as I can remember, he’s fuelled my love for sneakers and as a kid I can remember us always on the hunt for leather jackets in Kensington market. Some of my best memories are thrifting with my dad.




Outfit: Priya VestHustler Ankle Fray - Healing Jar




What fashion item can you not live without? 


A signature jacket! I’m totally obsessed. Leather, varsity, jean, sherpa, bomber, you name it. Jackets as statement pieces are the reason why fall is my favourite season.



Outfit: The Slim Cuff Pant 25, Davidson Sweatshirt



What’s a fashion trend you’re loving right now?


I’m loving cargos and double denim. I’m also a sucker for big baggy pants in general. 




Outfit: Priya Vest, Hustler Ankle Fray - Healing Jar


Dive into one of your OTR looks for us. Describe the outfit, where you envision wearing it, and the vibe it gives you/how it makes you feel.


I feel cool af in this Canadian tuxedo. I feel powerful and sexy, and like I can take on and conquer the day. Although I do love a baggy fit, these (Mother) jeans fitting like a glove and showing off my gym gains are everything! I can see myself wearing this denim look out with friends, or working an event. 






Photography: Noah Davis

Producer: Brenna Gray

Hair and Makeup: Tenzin Palkyi

Stylist: Axl Dominic Castro