EDITORIAL | NOW! Magazine X Over the Rainbow “Best Jeans Store” 2011

To me, this award is more than just another “press hit”. Back in the 1990’s, before the Internet became the source of all information, NOW! Magazine was the bible for teenagers. You would pick up NOW! and it would tell you everything: what to wear, what to listen to and where to go… in Toronto.

16 years later, not only is NOW! Magazine still a staple in our city, but they are now honouring others who share their longevity & passion for local things.

People may read this and ask the question: why give so much praise to a “local” newspaper?

The thrill behind this “Best Jeans Store” award is: it was not voted on by a panel of critics. Or a room of columnists. Or a forum of fashion bloggers. It was the 80,000+ everyday readers across the city who vouched for their favourite establishments. These are the same people that have kept Over the Rainbow alive for so many years. Loyal families and individuals who still understand the true value behind a boutique experience.

This award, coming from Toronto people through a Toronto publication, means more than all the other accolades we’ve achieved this year. I was happy to accept this award in person at the NOW! offices from the editors themselves. On behalf of the entire team at Over the Rainbow, thank you to all the voters who supported us…and the magazine that has always portrayed us in a positive light.

When you show us love, we show it right back. Let’s keep this amazing journey going for as long as we can…Toronto

Best wishes,

Daniel Carman

P.S. — here are a few photos to go along with this post. See our feature online HERE