EDITORIAL | The Anti-Fit

The Anti-Fit, sounds scary…but it’s just a trend of jeans that is popping up in the industry “While some prefer a slim, skinny, etc. fit which are designed to complement one’s body/legs, other prefer to have the exact opposite fit, or the Anti-Fit. Also known as baggy or loose.” (Rawr Denim)

For all those wishing that the Skinny Fit to  just roll up and die can now breathe a sigh of relief. But don’t throw away your Spanx yet, the Anti-Fit comes with a lot of style that is uber-trendy and not for the fashion faint-of-heart. Let’s take a quick look at upcoming trends for you to watch out for:

Boyfriend Fit: Katie Holmes got everyone talking on the fashion front when she started to wear her “hubby’s jeans” (She’s 5″9 , he’s 5″7. and she has to “roll” them up? I digress.) Worn up in a pegged cuff or unrolled and loose, she made headlines with this interesting denim choice.


Kudos to her stylist (Suri?) who recommended that she try this trend, as subsequently a bevy of other celebrities have also embraced this fit . But word to the wise, to look chic in baggy jeans, balance it out with a pair of heels or girly flats, rolled up to show your ankles, and a nice fitted top for a relaxed, casual look.


Drop-crotch: Sounds hot doesn’t it? Well, it’s literally a fit where the crotch of the jean is lower than usual. Think of the harem pants that were all the rage a couple of summers ago and reincarnated in denim. This style has been mostly geared towards men’s street wear with an urban appeal, especially in the European market. “The slouchy-style trouser can usually be found in a handful of menswear collections on the runways of Milan and Paris each season.” (The LA Times, 2011) Guess we can’t have the boys have all the fun, so this style has been creeping its way into womenswear too, as seen with drop-crotch enthusiast Gwen Stefani and her L.A.M.B Collection.

We’ve always steered customers away from the dreaded “diaper butt” look, but she seems to pull off this look so effortlessly. It could be because of her So-Cal attitude oozing coolness from head to toe. Either way she pairs these jeans with loose flowy tops for the casual look, or paired with statement tops like a printed blazer and definitely finished off with sky-high heels.

Loose Trouser-Fit: Check out Victoria Beckham rocking this look. Although she is wearing mens wool trousers, the fit and how she styles it at the top keeps it from making her look like the incredible Shrinking Woman. So go tight or “girly” on top with either a crop top, or tank with wedges or sandals. Just make sure to pay attention to proportions as that’s what is key to pull this off. 

Now that you’ve seen some of these fits in action, we want to know, WILL YOU BE TRYING ON THE ANTI-FIT?