EVENT RECAP | OTR x Earth Day Initiative

Earth Day celebrates the birth of the environmental movement, started in the United Statesduring the 1970’s. Twenty year later, Earth Day Canada was spawned to raise awareness for positive environmental action. The growing importance for conservation of our natural resources is a concern to all citizens, including those in the fashion industry. There are ways to be more responsible with our use of environmentally hazardous practices.

In an effort to spread this essential message, Over the Rainbow is starting it’s first $1-for-$1 Earth Day Initiative. We will be accepting donations at our store AND online, with all proceeds going to Earth Day Canada foundation. For every $1 donated, our store will match through direct donation to the foundation. We will also be distributing Earth Day materials at the store, and posting environment themed tips online throughout the month.

Over the Rainbow‘s fundraising efforts will actually begin tomorrow (Earth Day — April 22, 2010) and extend until mid-May. We encourage people to donate $1 at the shop, or give any amount online at:


Do what you can for our environment, support Earth Day Canada today!