EVENT RECAP | OTR x Naked & Famous Denim 5&5 Capsule Launch Party

 Two weeks ago, we launched our first ever collaboration collection with Naked & Famous Denim. To celebrate their 5 year anniversary, our men’s buyer Daniel Carman and N&F founder Brandon Svarc put their heads together and created a limited edition men’s collection featuring 5 shirts and 5 shorts — the limited and exclusive 5&5 Capsule Series.

Weeks of planning and reaching out to media,  friends, customers and colleagues within the industry helped create one of our most successful event in store. We received such great support and feedback from everyone who attended and we couldn’t be more excited to know that it has been well received. It is a limited edition, so we will not be re-stocking once all of our inventory is gone in store. So drop by Over the Rainbow, and grab a piece of an exclusive collection.

A special Thank You to Faulhaber PR, Naked & Famous, Steamwhistle Brewery, Kernels Popcorn and all of our OTR staff for helping create such a wonderful event.

Here’s to another 5+ Years with Naked & Famous! Cheers!

To view pictures from our launch party, click HERE to see them in our Facebook Page.

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