EXCLUSIVE | 7 for All Mankind x Foolproof Denim

As men continue to modernize their wardrobe to a slimmer shape, one issue always seems to come up: How much is this jean going to stretch? Will it shrink? And because every person wears clothing differently, it’s difficult for a salesperson or clothing store to predict the long term wear of a jean. Premium brands have been experimenting with denim fabrics in a race to find the perfect jean that maintains its original shape.

Fortunately, for men, the solution has arrived!

7 for All Mankind has introduced “FOOLPROOF Denim”, a new luxury denim that is resistant to shrinkage and stretching, regardless of wash, dry or wear. Their slogan “Wash It Unfazed. Dry Without Fear” allows to men to confidently wear and care for their jeans minus the worry of losing its original shape. This is all thanks to a customized denim weave, made exclusively for 7 for All Mankind, while still maintaining the fit and comfort consumers have grown to love from the brand.

Over the Rainbow is the exclusive retail store for 7 for All Mankind’s FOOLPROOF Denim in the Paxtyn, their slimmest and most stylish fit.

ShrinkProof + StretchProof = FoolProof Denim