EXCLUSIVE | Lee 101 USA Fall/Winter 2015 Collection

H.D. LEE Mercantile Company was founded in 1889 and is considered one of the pioneers of denim in North America. What started as making denim dungarees for blue-collar workers has grown into an internationally recognized label known for their durable quality jeans. In 2015, head designer Peter Lang Nooch started up a new premium division: Lee 101 USA. The collection represent the authentic heritage of LEE combined with the fit and comfort of a modern man.

LEE 101 USA is made entirely of American-made selvage denim woven on vintage shuttle looms. All the denim is produced with either 17oz gold selvage or 16oz blue selvage, both of which were exclusively used & pioneered by LEE. This collection consists of classic raw denim and “archive relic” washes, while using sustainable water practices to reduce the amount of waste during production.

Another aspect of the LEE 101 USA line is their  own “KC Wet” proprietary treatment. The durable fabric, known as “Flex Fit”, combines the comfort with two modern fits: the Lean (slim straight) and the Narrow (skinny). As opposed to the heavier selvedge denim, the KC Wet cotton will age quicker, giving an instant yet authentic fold & creases unique to the jeans owner.