EXCLUSIVE | Naked & Famous X Momotaro SkinnyGuy Jean

A few months back, Over the Rainbow hinted at a limited edition jean from Naked & Famous landing in the shop for Fall/Winter 2010. We are excited to report it has finally arrived! For their first collaboration ever, Naked & Famous teamed up with denimakers Momotaro Jeans to combine the fine details of Momotaro with the sleek fit of the Naked & Famous SkinnyGuy model. And what may you ask makes this limited edition piece so different from a typical Naked & Famous jean?

Momotaro Jeans use a single PINK stitch on the inseam of the jean. 

Momotaro Jeans also features new details such as folded/embossed belt loops, tobacco chain stitching, and a hidden selvedge coin pocket, all replicated nicely on this Naked & Famous body.

Don’t forget about the hidden rivets in the back pocket. Another Momotaro feature that Naked & Famous decided to use!

Momotaro branded iron buttons and copper rivets were used by Naked & Famous to give more authenticity to the collaboration.

Pocket lining chosen by Naked & Famous mimics the same designs used inside the Going to Battle Label and Vintage Label jeans from Momotaro. The two flags (Japan and Canada) were added to create unity between the denim brands for this project.

The deerskin leather patch combines the Naked & Famous signature logo encompassing the Momotaro Peach Boy inside the bubble letters. Nice combo!

Naked & Famous decided to keep their own red selvedge line instead of the pink selvedge found inside all the Momotaro denim. We applaud their choice on this one!

Back view of the Naked & Famous X Momotaro jeans with special edition pocket tag. The denim used to make this jean is 14.5 ounce pure indigo rope-dyed selvedge from Japan. It was produced on vintage USA machinery using the well-known Union Special 43200G bulldog chain-stitching machine. While most Naked & Famous jeans are cut & sewn in Montreal, this collaboration was made entirely in Okayama, Japan.

30 pairs of this limited edition Naked & Famous X Momotaro jean were just delivered to Over the Rainbow. We noticed the jean fits a little looser than the standard SkinnyGuy, so bear that in mind when you try it on. Available for $260 while supplies last!

Some content as well as most photo credits are attributed to Nordic Denim House