FITTED | Erin McLaughlin

FITTED is an ongoing blog series interviews prominent Toronto-based writers, artists, musicians and media personalities who are loyal customers to our shop. For this edition of FITTED, we met up with Erin McLaughlin, editor-in-chief of Style At Home, at our store to get her into some of our hottest jeans for the season. Aside from looking incredible in her new pair of jeans (in her new figure!), we also got the details about her role as editor as well as some insight into her passion for clothing and style.

Q: How long have you been the editor of Style at Home? What do you believe loyal readers enjoy most about Style At Home?
A: I’ve been the editor-in-chief of Style at Home for 6 years. From the time I first got into this industry, being the editor of Style at Home was my holy grail. Our readers love us because we are all about accessible aspiration. We inspired with beautiful homes and styling ideas, but we also make sure that there is always something that a reader can take away from the issue or website, no matter what their budget.

Q: When did you first know you wanted to be a writer? What drew you to home styling?
A: I spent all of my babysitting money in my pre-teens on Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue magazine. I was determined to become a magazine editor. Who knew then how exciting the publishing business would become! I get to create content for many different platforms. I’ve never not been interested in décor. It has always been my passion – from the time I was ten year’s old and insisted on painting my bedroom at home “Taupewood.” Imagine that I can still remember the name of the paint colour!

Q: How would you describe your personal clothing style?
A: Casual Parisian meets equestrian chic.

Q: What is the one “must have” piece in your wardrobe?
A: A great pair of jeans that I can wear from day to night.


Q: What did you think of your one-on-one fitting at Over the Rainbow? How do you feel about the products & services we offer?
A: Co-owners Joel and Daniel Carman, and their team at Over the Rainbow, are so confidence-building and they make me feel beautiful. My dream was to be that “jeans, white t-shirt and a great pair of shoes” kind of girl. But I always felt awkward in jeans until I started working with the Over the Rainbow team a few years ago. But Over the Rainbow is about more than just jeans. Genia Albi (women’s buyer) has an incredible eye and finds incredible pieces to augment the look of any outfit. There is fashion at Over the Rainbow that you can never find anywhere else. Best of all, I am confident recommending Over the Rainbow to all of my friends – no matter what their style, size or fit.

Stay tuned for more FITTED interviews featuring one-one-one styling & profiles with some of your favourite Toronto names. Erin McLaughlin appeared in-store on behalf of Style At Home/TVA Group Inc. Make sure to follow Erin along at @StyleAtHomeEditor