FITTED | Karolyne Ellacott

FITTED is a new ongoing blog series about prominent writers, artists, business owners, media personalities & loyal customers who shop at our store. We wanted to learn more about their lives and why the enjoy their personal one-on-one fitting experience. For our first ever FITTED interview, we sat down with Karolyne Ellacott, senior editor at Post City Magazines, to discuss her past work, her style and her personal fitting with our in-house stylist (thank you Monica!)

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Q: How long have you been involved in the fashion world? What is your role as an editor at Post City?

KE: I’ve always enjoyed expressing myself through the way that I look (and have a penchant for dyeing my hair like a mid-nineties Linda Evangelista). As senior editor at Post City Magazines I’m involved in our fashion column with Jeanne Beker in addition to much of the food section and the cover stories. It’s nice to have my fingers in different pots, so to speak. I used to always cover Fashion Week when I was freelance, however now it always coincides with the week we go to press—the busiest time of the month. Sadly, doing both isn’t possible.

Q: How is it working with Jeanne Beker? What do you think draws readers to her selections?

KE: It’s always a blast seeing Jeanne—and her adorable dog, Gus, who isn’t too concerned with a tribe of people marching around with a whack of bags from all over the city. Hilarious. Jeanne is always sure to include a high pick and a low pick (we simply all cannot drop $2,000 on a pair of leather pants!), she ensures there’s something for both the older and the younger reader, and always selects something classic along with something more mischievous (which she admits, is usually not for her!). Jeanne really hits all the targets and that’s what brings in the readers—she’s a real pro.

Q: How would you describe your personal style?

KE: Eclectic? Adventurous? Sometimes disastrous?! Fearless. I always wear exactly what I want to wear and am not particularly concerned about whether or not it’s “appropriate.” I wear lots of vintage and second hand pieces; I incorporate lots of articles I’ve picked up on my travels into my outfits (like my Guatemalan huipil, which decorates my wall when I’m not enrobed in it); I revamp tired items with lots of craft-y alterations. Recently I got an artist friend, Nick Sweetman, to tag an outfit for me with spray paint. When I wear it, just try to spot me in a Queen West graffiti alley. Real hard.

Q: What is the one “must have” piece in your wardrobe?

KE: Confidence.

Q: What did you think of your one-on-one fitting at Over the Rainbow? How do you feel it differed from your other shopping experiences?

KE: It was fun! My stylist was incredibly patient as I tried on just about every jean in the house. I let her know at the start that what I really wanted was a pair of super flares that would transform me into a young Cher. She found the perfect pair and enthusiastically saw me through the rest of the jeans—even though I knew the flares were just the ticket from the get-go. Altogether it was a very personalized experience.

Stay tuned for more FITTED interviews featuring one-one-one styling & profiles with some of your favourite Toronto names. Karolyne Ellacott appeared in-store on behalf of Post City Magazines.

Photography: Ashlee Hutchinson
Styling: Monica Gould
Words: Daniel Carman & Karolyne Ellacott