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FITTED | Tyrone Edwards

FITTED | Tyrone Edwards

In our newest edition of FITTED, we invited TV host and Toronto influencer Tyrone Edwards to Over the Rainbow to check out some of the best denim & fashion pieces for Fall/Winter 2016. Aside from his MUCH and E! News television hosting duties, Tyrone is the co-founder of 1LOVETO, a positive grassroots movement promoting the best of Toronto’s music, sports, art and lifestyle scenes. In between his busy schedule, Tyrone sat down with us to discuss his beginning on television, his work/social balance and his nerd-level love for fashion.

Tyrone Edwards Interview

What inspired you to want to be TV personality? How do you feel your career has evolved from your experiences on TV?
The two main reasons I wanted to be on television are: (A) I used to watch MUCH RapCity and, thought, hey I could do this, and I’d be good; and (B) I was always known for being silly and having fun, and making sure everyone around me was having fun as well. So, people would always say ‘Boy, you belong on TV!’ After a while I started believing it. My role on TV has evolved as I have grown as a person. There are so many different channels to me so perhaps that’s why I appear any so many channels on your TV!

What is your favourite social media platform and why?
I like Instagram because it allows for you to be casual, professional, and everything in between. Social media is no longer just highlights of your weekend. It is a true source of income for some, all while being pretty damn fun.

Tyrone Edwards Interveiew 2

You are also the founder of 1LOVETO, a youth leader, an entertainment promoter and a father. How do you juggle all of these responsibilities? Do you ever see yourself slowing down?
Slowing down no, but working smarter yes. I manage it all because I only do what I love. It took a while but I can say I’m at a point in my life where I only do what I love, and then I figure out how those things can potentially be lucrative. Lead with love, no other way.

How would you describe your personal style? 
I’m fancy. I want to look sharp in every way. Suit or Canadian tuxedo, either way, it has to be sharp. Turtle neck or distressed t-shirt, but always pulled together.

What is the one “must-have” piece in your wardrobe?
Jean jacket!

Tyrone Edwards Interview 4

What did you think of your one-on-one fitting at Over the Rainbow? How do you feel about the products & services we offer?
Honestly, I had a blast! I love to know why I’m wearing something. I’m a nerd for fashion – I want to know the jargon as well. Thank you guys for taking the time to get me some jeans that are a perfect fit for me. Have your tailoring services available is amazing – going up in size so my thighs can breathe, and then taking in the waist, tapering the ankle and keeping in mind the boot or shoe I may rock with a black distressed denim. It’s really above and beyond. Thank you for a great conversation and a fantastic new pair of Paige jeans, that fit and feel perfect!

Stay tuned for more FITTED interviews featuring one-one-one styling & profiles with some of your favourite Toronto personalities. Make sure to follow Tyrone Edwards at @mr1loveto