IN THE PRESS | OTR x Toronto Star X Men’s Denim Sizes

Leanne Delap wrote a great article last week’s Toronto Star entitled “Ego Drives Men’s Waist Sizes”, a real-life account of the jean shopping habits of the average man. The write-up begins on the front page of the Living section, and continues to page L7, where our store manager Sarvi Ghahremanpour gives her personal outlook on helping men shop for jeans:

“Men are hung up on numbers. Maybe even more so than women. They have more trouble going up a size in the change room…”

Jason Trotzuk, a friend to Over the Rainbow and owner/designer of Fidelity Denim, also gave his opinion about men’s denim sizing while plugging his new Fidelity Men jean collection:

“The customer cares about a size 34 fitting the same way today as it did five years ago. We also work towards consistency of our product as compared to other brands. In the change-room, we want a size 34 Fidelity to fit the guy who wears a size 34 in Levis…”

To read the full article, check it out HERE