VIDEO | Jerome Dahan Happy 40th Anniversary Wishes


Jerome Dahan, the founder of Citizens of Humanity, recently filmed a video interview talking about his long standing relationship with Over the Rainbow. He has known owner Joel Carman since the beginning of Jerome’s career. Over the Rainbow was a big part of the initial launch of Citizens of Humanity back in 2003, and we were the very first retailer in Canada to carry the brand. Jerome sent a great message on behalf of our anniversary and we appreciate being a partner of his company for so long!

Make sure to stop by our 40th Anniversary BLOCK PARTY on Saturday September 12 (12PM to 6PM) for your chance to win a “Premium Vintage Prize Pack” from Citizens of Humanity (valued at $850). Check out the interview below (video & text  version):


Q: When was the first time you met Joel (owner of Over the Rainbow)?

JD: I met Joel in the early 80s. I had a company called Circa, I was selling to him and he was buying the brand. I worked a long time, 9 to 10 years with him while I was at Lucky Brand. I was designing Lucky at that time, so he was our customer. He was our main customer again. To create a relationship with Joel when you work, he is not only coming in and buying your line but talking about the product with you, giving you new ideas on new product. And exchanging ideas are important, and that is what Joel can do with us.

Q: What connection do you feel Citizens of Humanity has with Over the Rainbow?

JD:  It’s a true jean store that through the years has been a brand looking to have the best product in the store. Making an effort to carry brands that are important to him.

Q: Favourite memory of Over the Rainbow? Toronto? Canada?

JD: I think my best memories with Joel are him coming to the shows. Seeing him at the Miami show, NY show, everywhere. We talk about product that is important. It is fun to talk about product with him. I remember visiting him that time in Toronto, and then I went to his store. We talked about the 80s-90s, the fashion, what happened to the name, what we used to do to make it sell. We had so many different experiences that were similar, and we had fun talking about it.

Q: What does a 40 year anniversary mean to you?

JD:  The person that is in business for 40 years, makes sure that they have the best store around. He has fun doing it. For us on our side, its super to have someone like that for 40 years, it’s really a huge commitment. Yeah, he is a great customer!