EDITORIAL | AG Jeans 24 Karat Gold Sewing Machine

Over the Rainbow has enjoyed a great, long standing relationship with the people at AG Jeans. It was 15 years ago when our friend and AG’s owner/CEO Mr. Yul Ku came to Toronto to visit our store for the first time. While he took a tour of the whole shop, Mr. Ku was particularly fascinated with our alterations department, since he is from a textile production background. Mr. Ku spent a great length of time talking our alterationists and watching what kind of tailoring was done to our jeans.

Years later, when Mr. Ku decided to open his own AG Jeans branded stores across North America, each store was equipped with its very own gold sewing machine. To this day, Mr. Ku has credited this important service to his visit to Over the Rainbow. He was so appreciative of our store that there were rumors circulating about our own “sewing machine” being put into production…

It was hard to believe it until we arrived at PROJECT Las Vegas. As soon as we walked through the front door, there was an unusual amount of talk about Over the Rainbow. Being a small boutique from Canada at an internationally-attended trade show, we were not used to the attention. On the advice of several peers, the buyers were lead over to the AG Jeans booth to find something absolutely remarkable.

On behalf of everyone at Over the Rainbow, we would like to thank Mr. Ku, his family and AG Jeans for making this incredible gold plated sewing machine for us. Also thank you for displaying at the show for everyone to see, it was great recognition for Over the Rainbow.

Look forward to seeing this 24 karat prize live at the store very soon…