FITTED | Daniel Ocean

For our latest FITTED experience, we invited Daniel Ocean, founder of Daniel Ocean Designs and visionary at An engaging lifestyle blogger and social media trendsetter, Daniel is very diverse with his choice of fashion, whether it is active-wear or casual. While being styled by our resident menswear buyer, Daniel spoke to us about his beginnings in the digital media world and his personal views on fashion.

What influenced you to start your own lifestyle blog? How do you juggle your design work from freelance projects?
I think it was a combination of a natural progression, a little strike of good timing and a few supportive voices. I always knew I wanted to find a place in the menswear community but I had no experience or contacts. My endless affinity for menswear kept me going! After leaving my career in the corporate world, I stumbled upon some bloggers and Instagram feeds that inspired me to try a little of my own. After meeting Sara (a very important person in my life) her support and knowledge of the industry gave me the final push to jump into it with my all. Juggling the many hats I wear has become a constant challenge and a skill I try to hone better every day. It takes a lot of discipline to prioritize and time manage.

What is your favourite social media platform to post on and why?
Definitely Instagram. I feel like I missed the Twitter boat and Facebook is flooded with too many political agendas. I dig how Instagram is so visual and has an editorial vibe full of beautiful photography and style. With the ability to communicate with others and now share videos, it really has it all. We will see what the next platform is.


You are involved with many different lifestyle industries, especially fitness. How do you feel men’s fashion fits into your personal lifestyle?
Fitness and wellness has always been an important part of my life so my appreciation for men’s style just creeps into it as well. I consider myself a man on the go so it’s key for me to curate my looks so they can effortlessly go from coffee shop to gym to out with friends even. If it’s not actual active-wear, comfort is still the #1 ingredient in my wardrobe. Fitted and cozy is my style so it fuses well with my busy lifestyle. I think if you truly adore fashion, it will play a role in almost every situation of your life. It’s not about taking 60 minutes to dress for all of the moments in your life, it’s about always being dressed as the man you are in the moment.

How would you describe your personal clothing style?
To touch on the above, I think my style is classic and fitted. I feel like the right fit can make any outfit memorable because you will carry it well. I gravitate towards classic pieces rather than eccentric ones. I believe the most stylish men on the planet still maintain an abundance of masculinity with their outfits and I tend to shoot for the same.

What is the one “must have” piece in your wardrobe?
A piece I already have, a really nice grey crewneck. It’s my favourite piece to wear because it’s just so minimal and versatile. With denim and sneakers, suit trousers and a brogue, joggers and runners, over a button-up and tie.

What did you think of your one-on-one fitting at Over the Rainbow? How do you feel about the products & services we offer?
It felt like family. You can’t fake experience and knowledge. Meeting both generations of owners and feeling how magnetic their love for the city and the men that shop within it was a cool experience. Chatting with Nigel also showed just how much in touch with the fashion community the Over The Rainbow team is. Striving to stay ahead of the fashion curve rather than desperately trying to keep up shows how much passion lies within the group. I respect that.

Stay tuned for more FITTED interviews featuring one-one-one styling & profiles with some of your favourite Toronto personalities. Make sure to follow Daniel Ocean at @MrDanielOcean