FITTED | Lance Chung

In the latest edition of FITTED, we invited Lance Chung, editor-in-chief of the popular lifestyle magazine Bay St. Bull,  to Over the Rainbow for a look at the newest denim & fashion items for Fall/Winter 2016. Although Lance works with prominent brands across many industries, he pays close attention to the world of fashion as well as his personal day-to-day style choices. We had a chance to ask Lance about his career in media, his choice of social media, as well his one-on-one shopping experience at our store.

What influenced you to get involved with Bay St. Bull? What audience do you believe the magazine appeals to?
I joined Bay St. Bull initially as a creative consultant (which I still do outside of my responsibilities at the magazine) to help the magazine rebrand and expand. Eventually I joined as the Editorial and Creative Director, which has really given me an incredible opportunity to learn more about the industry, exercise my business skills (I went to school for business at the University of Alberta) and expand my network. Essentially, our foundation is in the financial communities across Canada. But in the larger picture, we are trying to recognize the fact that people are diverse in their interests. As a business lifestyle publication, we are trying to bridge the business sector with the technology and cultural communities to create new opportunities to look beyond your industry for growth and networking.

What is your favourite social media platform to post on and why?
I love Instagram and have spent way too many hours on it than I care to admit. I think using it as a tool for business is essential today, and there is the real opportunity to tell a story about yourself and/or your brand through visuals. I’ll admit that I’ve completely abandoned Snapchat since Instagram rolled out its Stories feature because I like consolidation and keeping everything centralized in one place. I will say that I think Instagram has gotten a bit contrived, but that is the culture that we live in today.

Many publications are moving from print into digital. Why do you feel print is still important with regards to fashion? What are the differences with print versus digital content?
Digital is incredibly important. That is very clear. All the signs point to ‘digital! digital! digital!’, but I do think that there is a real value and appreciation for print. Online content is consumed and produced so quickly that it often has a short shelf life and becomes very disposable. With print, you’re looking at a very curated selection of content that has been hand-picked to present to you, as the reader. It feels more special and allows you to slow down and separate from the virtual world. I don’t think it is a black and white picture, there are ways to certainly embrace both to their fullest extent as a content producer.

How would you describe your personal clothing style?
I would say I tend to stick to the classics. For me, fit is the most important factor when it comes to choosing clothes. I often say that you can have a $300 suit and a $3000 suit, but if the former fits much better than the latter, you’ll look like a million bucks. I enjoy timeless pieces with their own perspective and uniqueness.

What is the one “must have” piece in your wardrobe?
From a practical standpoint, having a group of solid, crisp white shirts is essential for me. You can do no wrong with them as they look great on any occasion dressed up, down, sideways, etc. Other than that, I have a biker jacket that I absolutely adore and have worn to death. There is something about a beautiful piece of leather outerwear that will just look better and better as you wear it. That is definitely my must-have.

What did you think of your one-on-one fitting at Over the Rainbow? How do you feel about the products & services we offer?
I loved the level of service that was offered, which I think is a defining feature when it comes to comparing different retail experiences. The fact that there was time spent to understand my style and hand-pick items to suggest was much appreciated, especially with the level of product knowledge about different brands and their unique fits and properties. As always, the denim was top notch. The Citizens of Humanity jeans are hands-down the most comfortable pair of jeans that I have ever worn!

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