IN THE PRESS | OTR x Toronto Star x Menswear Makeover 2010

As mentioned on Twitter a few week back, lifestyle columnist Robert Cribb stopped by Over the Rainbow to participate in a full “menswear makeover” and write about his experience being fitted in the store. Since Robert is a mildly conservative dresser, he was hesitant to switch up his style and was unconvinced that his body type could pull off a new look. Spending time with Joel & Daniel squashed those preconceptions very quickly. Robert walked away with not just a new wardrobe, but an enhanced understanding of how jeans should be bought, fit and worn.

Thank you again to Robert Cribb for taking the time to write about the store. We hope to see you back shopping with us soon!

Read the full article ONLINE courtesy of the Toronto Star.

Look for the print version to be published in this weekend’s Saturday Star.