Our web team came across this photo of Chris Bosh get his ink done at a local tattoo shop in Mississauga. During his 10-hour session, Chris was rocking his own pair of Levi’s 1947 Deadstock 501 Raw Selvage jeans bought at Over the Rainbow. Anyone who knows anything about raw denim knows this is the ORIGINAL jean that started it all. Not to mention it’s long enough for Chris to wear around the city!

It’s not often we talk about athletes at the shop, but Chris has been a shopper for many years and has recommended us to several of his Toronto Raptors teammates. Everyone knows him for his accolades as an NBA superstar, but you should know more about the good side of Chris and how much he has done for the people in Toronto. We’re glad to know him in that way. Regardless of where he goes next season, we’ll always consider him a loyal shopper to Over the Rainbow. Enjoy your much-deserved vacation!

All above photo credits courtesy of Andrew Park